Raw silk garshana gloves

How can Raw Silk Garshana Gloves help you on your journey to luminous skin?

Ready to transform your skin naturally? Try Raw Silk Garshana Gloves today and experience the journey to radiant, glowing skin for yourself. Elevate your skincare routine with the power of raw silk and feel the difference. Order now and start your path to luminous skin!

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Embark on a Journey to Radiant, Glowing Skin with Raw Silk Garshana Gloves

The Raw Silk Garshana Gloves are a natural, eco-friendly solution to achieving glowing skin. Inspired by Ayurvedic practices, these gloves offer a gentle and effective way to exfoliate and detoxify your skin. Unlike complex skincare routines that use synthetic products, these gloves take a sustainable approach to self-care. You will notice a smooth and radiant complexion by using raw silk garshana gloves.

Achieve Luminous Skin with Our Raw Silk Garshana Gloves

Benefits of using raw silk Garshana gloves :

Steps to Use Raw Silk Garshana Gloves

  1. Preparation:
    • Ensure your skin is dry. Dry brushing is typically done before showering.
    • Choose a comfortable, quiet space where you can focus on the process.
  2. Wearing the Gloves:
  3. Start with the Feet:
    • Begin at your feet, using gentle, long strokes. Always brush towards your heart, which helps with lymphatic flow.
    • Brush the tops and soles of your feet, then move up your legs. Use circular motions around the joints.
  4. Legs:
    • Continue brushing up your legs, using long strokes from the ankles to the knees and the thighs.
    • Spend extra time on areas with thicker skin, like the calves and thighs.
  5. Abdomen and Back:
    • For your abdomen, use circular, clockwise motions to follow the natural direction of digestion.
    • Reach as much of your back as possible, using both long strokes and circular motions.
  6. Arms:
    • Start at your hands and move up your arms towards your shoulders.
    • Use long strokes on the arms and circular motions around the elbows and shoulders.
  7. Chest and Neck:
    • Be gentle on the chest and neck, as the skin is more delicate.
    • Use lighter, circular motions, especially around the collarbone and neck.
  8. Face (Optional):
    • If your gloves are soft enough,  gently brush your face, avoiding sensitive areas like your eyes.
    • Use very light, circular motions.
  9. Finish:
    • After brushing, shower to wash away the exfoliated skin cells.
    • Follow up with a moisturizer or body oil to nourish your skin.

Tips for Effective Use

  • Frequency: Aim to dry brush with garshana gloves 2-3 times per week. Daily brushing can be too harsh for some skin types.
  • Pressure: Use gentle pressure. The goal is to exfoliate and stimulate, not to irritate the skin.
  • Hygiene: Wash the gloves regularly to keep them clean and free of dead skin cells. Air-dry them completely before the next use.

     Our customer “ Priya Desai, Bangalore ”  would love this product, according to her -

"I have been using the Raw Silk Garshana Gloves for just over a month, and I'm amazed at the transformation. My skin is noticeably softer and has a healthy glow. The gentle exfoliation process is perfect for my sensitive skin, and I appreciate that it's an all-natural, eco-friendly product. It's become an essential part of my self-care routine."

Journey to Luminous Skin with Raw Silk Garshana Gloves

The addition of Raw Silk Garshana Gloves to your daily skincare routine is a positive move towards embracing natural and effective beauty methods. These gloves provide a gentle exfoliation, improve circulation, and increase the absorption of skincare products, resulting in radiant and glowing skin. Discover the age-old practice of Garshana and witness the transformation of your skin through the benefits of raw silk.

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