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16 Pieces Reusable Silicone Face Patches

16 Pieces Reusable Silicone Face Patches

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Now you can easily plump the natural folds of your face and return to feeling more beautiful and confident than ever! 😊
40% of women fear wrinkles, but 60% would not resort to a scalpel.
These Wrinkle Patches Help Address  Wrinkle Concerns!✨
Set includes each piece needed for the face, neck and chest 💋
Whether caused by aging, repeated facial movements from using facial muscles or sleeping position, our Reusable Silicone Face Patches will work to relieve all forehead wrinkles, frown lines, by comfortably hugging your skin to prevent it from being able to crease or wrinkle. 💕

Designed and manufactured to adapt to all face shapes, apply patches to the desired area for a session while in bed or at home. 

Ease of use: The patches can be used overnight or for as long as desired. Use for 2 hours a day during night time for maximum results, or up to 20 minutes for casual wear. They can be used 25-30 times and on various parts of the body. The results can last for a month with long term benefits if the patches are used regularly. 

1. They're Made With 100% Medical-Grade Silicone

Our silicone patches deliver extra moisture to your skin, leaving it feeling prepared for your skincare or makeup routine, or even for a day or night of bare skin. The patches are clinically proven to smooth and soften fine lines and wrinkles, regulate collagen production to prevent sagging, and ultimately prevent the need for invasive medical procedures such as botox, fillers, or laser resurfacing.

2. They're A Non-Invasive & Effective Way to Combat Aging.

Our silicone patches kit targets forehead, eyes, and mouth wrinkles. By applying these patches for just 20 minutes each day, you can effectively combat various signs of aging such as frown lines, brow droop, crow's feet, and more. These scientifically proven, 100% medical grade silicone patches naturally boost and retain moisture, tightening fine lines and reducing wrinkles.

3. They're Re-Usable Up To 30 Times. 

You can enjoy long-lasting results without breaking the bank. The patches can be used up to 30 times, providing you with a cost-effective solution for wrinkle prevention. By subscribing and saving, and applying the patches each day, you can maximize the benefits and achieve the best possible results.

4. They're Made With Quality Ingredients

Magic Secret takes pride in using high-quality ingredients in their products. Our Patches are made of 100% medical grade silicone, ensuring its safety and effectiveness.

5. They Won't Break The Bank

With patches that can be used up to 30 times, you get multiple treatments from a single kit. This cost-effective solution allows you to achieve younger-looking skin without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to expensive skincare treatments and hello to a more affordable and sustainable anti-aging solution.

They will leave skin feeling prepared for either your skincare/makeup routine or for a day/night of bare skin.

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  • Smooth and soften fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Deliver extra moisture to the skin to tighten fine lines and reduce wrinkles.
  • Regulate collagen production to prevent sagging and wrinkles.
  • Prevent the need for medical procedures such as botox, fillers, or laser resurfacing.

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